2024 LS Tractor – Rake Grapple MCG3160A-stock#0002579
Style de vie de grappin de racine 3
Advertised Price $2130.00

The LS Tractor MCG3160A grapple is a handy attachment designed to make your tractor even more versatile. It’s perfect for tasks like clearing brush, moving logs, or handling other materials on your property. The grapple features strong jaws that can securely grip and lift objects, allowing you to easily transport them to a different location. It’s a great tool for anyone who needs to handle heavy or bulky items efficiently.

MakeLS Tractor


  • Attach Type: Dual type (Bobcat & Pin On)
  • Material: AR400
  • Weight (lb): 216
  • Overall width (in.); 49 3/4″
  • Rake width (in.): 48″
  • Closed height (in.): 27 5/8″
  • Jaw opening (in.): 30″
  • Side width (in.): 21″
  • Tooth thickness (in.): 0.24″
  • Number of teeth: 6 Bottom & 5 Top
  • Hydraulic cylinder: 2″ x 1 – 1/5″ Rod (4″ Stroke)

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